Dr. Curtis Cripe on Creating Specialty Gardens

Gardening has evolved from a simple hobby into a rewarding art form. However, not all have been blessed with a wide expanse of area to cultivate. Gardening enthusiast Dr. Curtis Cripe believes that one solution is having your own specialty garden.

A specialty garden is an alternative to cultivating traditional gardens. Instead of using swaths of land, gardeners can let their imagination and passion run free in as little area as pots of soil. Aside from having as little land as possible, specialty gardens are also flexible, as the artists can choose their own plants, theme, or simply get as creative as possible.

Dr. Curtis Cripe enjoys gardening in order to clear his mind and encourage creativity.


However, gardening in the hot Arizona arid climate can prove to be a challenge for the most die-hard gardener, especially when not only trying to keep fruits and vegetables hydrated, but also keeping other critters away from the fruits of your labor.   Living in the desert means visiting mule deer, javalinas, rabbits, squirrels, and desert rats will find your gardening efforts a tasty treat.

Greenhouse gardening opens up a different environment and therefore a different venue for gardening.  Plus, changing the seasons for planting  – tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce in the late fall and early winter – means fresh vegetable all year long.

Climate controlled interior and elimination of desert critters can make gardening not only possible in the desert, but also enjoyable.