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Some surprising causes of memory loss

While some think that forgetfulness is nothing to worry about, memory loss usually accompanies other health issues. Some causes are more unexpected than others, and it is something that anyone can experience at any point in their lives. Dr. Curtis Cripe, the director of research at neuroengineering company NTL Group shares how memory loss can […]



Dr. Curtis Cripe Health Corner | The How’s and Why’s of Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports

Athletes are often subjected to mental stress, whatever their field in sports are. However, due to recent incidents and issues on their effects, the focus now is more on physical damage to the brain. Dr. Curtis Cripe, an expert on brain-related injuries and remediation, believes that proper knowledge adds a layer of security for athletes […]



Dr. Curtis Cripe Health Corner | How Brain Injuries and Substance Abuse Are Related

Brain injuries can be debilitating physically, especially if they are severe enough. However, experts like Dr. Curtis Cripe believes that aside from the physical dangers, brain injuries also add another hazard for the patient – the high risk of substance abuse. Functionally related Physiologically, having trauma injuries are crippling enough that they can cause sections […]