About Dr. Curtis Cripe

Dr. Curtis Cripe is one of the foremost specialists in the field of neuro engineering and behavioral medicine. His years of experience established his expertise across field-related disciplines, including active clinical practice in psychophysiology and psychology, behavioral medicine, and neurodevelopment. He also engages in research and applied studies related to the field like engineering, software development, and bioengineering. 

His clinical practice includes detection and treatment of brain-related dysfunctions using both classic and modern-day methods. His foremost contribution to the behavioral medicine field is the development and application of cognitive rehabilitation programs for both adults and children. This program aims to accurately detect and apply full treatment on different behavioral anomalies resulting from brain dysfunctions. These include addiction recovery, therapy and recuperation of traumatic brain injuries caused by athletic related injuries, accidents and falls, and  brain development for autistic and developmentally-delayed children.

As a specialist in deterring brain dysfunction, Dr. Curtis Cripe has honed his skills and accumulated his years of experience in both public and private practices. In the public sector, he has been tapped as one of the subject matter experts in cognition and behavioral medicine or deep space research programs.

Privately, he actively researches and develops on-going technology for programs designed for brain dysfunction detection and remediation.

He also continues to extend and expand his expertise across academic institutions. His published works include authorship and co-authorships on several field-related textbooks dealing on the subject of brain repair and remediation. His white papers and posters on neuroscience and behavioral medicine as applied to space travel has been presented in the International Space Station Research & Development Conference for two years running (2017 and 2018).

Currently, Dr. Curtis Cripe also heads the Research and Development Divisions for NTLgroup, a technical corporation dealing with the study and advancements of methods in imaging, recording, and analyzing cognitive brain function and repair. The group also assists families dealing with brain-related dysfunctions.

He also serves as one of the leading neuro engineers in the company.