Introducing Dr. Curtis Cripe

The central nervous system is our “information superhighway” and is one of the most important systems in the body. One of the most important parts of the CNS is the brain. Disorders and diseases notwithstanding, even mild sickness that targets the CNS and the brain can spell ruin to our body’s functions. To keep our central nervous system properly functioning, the help of specialists and experts like Dr. Curtis Cripe is definitely needed.

Neuroscience, and its equivalent in the medical field, are required disciplines in detection and treatment of disorders and diseases in the central nervous system, particularly disorders resulting from damages to the brain. Proper diagnosis and treatment of brain-related injuries are important to restore the full capacity and function of the brain and the entire CNS network.

This is where Dr. Curtis Cripe excels. As a neuro engineer and expert in behavioral medicine, his expertise spans both private and public practices, combining the best areas of the two. In private practice, he accurately detects brain-related dysfunctions using both classic and modern clinical methods, neuro-imaging technology and cognitive remediation. He also uses known and tested as well as cutting-edge technologies in brain abnormalities and its resulting behavioral aberrations.

In the public sector, both past and present, he has had the distinction of holding several vital roles, including supervisory positions for Department of Defense (DoD) projects, and subject matter expert in behavioral health for deep space research missions.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Curtis Cripe is currently the Director of Research and Development and a leading engineer for a corporation that researches applied studies on recording, imaging, and analyzing both normal and abnormal brain activity.

He is also considered to be one of the premier scholars in the field of neuro engineering and behavioral medicine. His years of clinical, hands-on practice in the field plus continuous research on cutting-edge, field-related technologies has allowed him to write and publish field-related texts and books.